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Gary U.S. Bonds Returns for Springsteen Birthday Bash

Legendary rocker Gary U.S. Bonds returned to Metlife Stadium Saturday night to perform at birthday festivities at the rain delayed final installment of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's Wrecking Ball Tour.

A dozen songs into the evening, the Boss inquired, "Where's Bonds? Bring out Bonds," and Bonds responded with a repeat of "Jole Blon," which had its debut performance on the tour on Friday night.

Bonds engaged the 50,000 plus fans who joined in a spirited sing along during the refrain. As the dampened crowd thundered their appreciation and Bonds headed for the ramp, the birthday boy yelled out to Bonds, "Do the other one!" Bonds did an about face and Springsteen strummed the minor chord kicking off an extended "This Little Girl is Mine," which he wrote for Bonds' 1981 album, "Dedication," co-produced by Springsteen and E-Streeters "LIttle Steven" Van Zandt and Gary Tallent.

Springsteen surprised Friday night's crowd by bringing out Bonds to the special delight of a loyal fan. Springsteen remarked that he'd seen her sign, "Sing Jole Blon," forever and was about to make her happy. The Springsteen/Bonds friendship and collaborations date to 1976, when the Boss unexpectedly dropped in at a Bonds show in Hazlet, New Jersey.

Bonds, who just returned from an apperance in Hong Kong, is completing his autobiography, "By U.S. Bonds," expected for a mid-January release by Wheatley Press.

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