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"Christmas is ON!" Review From

By Chris Spector

GARY U.S. BONDS/Christmas is On!: You have to give Bonds credit. Springsteen may have moved on to Pete Seeger but the rocker comes in with a new Christmas record that is mostly band driven originals with only two classic covers. And he's rocking like he did a million years ago or so. And he's got punk rock energy. On a Christmas record! This is the kind of stuff that can only happen when you are working so far outside the margins that you can do whatever you want, even if you aren't sure at first. Whether or not the reason why this works so well is because it's so expected doesn't matter. This is a Christmas party I want to be invited to---and I'll hang out until at least a quarter to three.

July 24
Riviera Theatre
North Tonawanda, NY
Oct. 27 - Nov. 3
Malt Shop Memories Cruise
Ft. Lauderdale, FL